Producer group seeking deals for cattle and weanlings

Emerald Isle Beef Producers (EIBP) has issued a statement to inform farmers it is “currently putting deals together for finished cattle, store cattle and weanlings”.

The producer group has claimed the deals “will increase the price” of the cattle and noted that its current focus is on the live export market.

The group has said it intends to work “closely with cattle exporters who provide vital competition for farmers’ cattle”.

According to the group, exporters are willing to buy cattle in three different ways:
  • Special and ordinary sales in marts and bid for farmers’ cattle in the mart environment;
  • Weigh and pay basis in marts;
  • Direct purchase from farms.

EIBP has encouraged all of these three methods of buying cattle and said “it is important that farmers have choice”.


EIBP acknowledged that secure payment is “always an important concern” for both shippers, marts and farmers.

Exports to different countries will have different factors at play in this regard. Where letters of credit are not an option, shippers can insist on payment upfront before any cattle move.

The statement from the group further noted: “Where letters of credit are an option then the transaction will be secure. With the more widespread use of online banking, it is now possible to have money on route to both shippers and farmers before cattle leave the country and respective farms.

This development helps take the risk out of selling cattle both through marts and off the farm.

Concluding, the group outlined it has been invited as stakeholders to get involved in a new exporters forum and will be using this opportunity to maximise returns for farmers.

According to the group, the forum will also be an opportunity to work with shippers to maximise the exports of live cattle from the country which will help provide vital competition for cattle supplies.