Video: A 10 Series model is ‘impossible to find in this [original] condition’

AgriLand paid a visit to Co. Fermanagh to check out an unusually original (1999) John Deere 6210 SE – in the forecourt at McCullagh Machinery.

The tractor apparently has just (circa) 2,200 hours on it – from new.

We spoke to dealer principal Lloyd McCullagh to learn more about this “find” – especially considering how sought after (John Deere) 10 Series models are on the second-hand tractor circuit.

In this video (below – shot by AgriLand’s own Kevin Farrell), Lloyd explained: “The 10 Series John Deere [tractor] – we find – is a very sought-after model. Any time we ever have one, they seem to sell extremely well.

“I bought this tractor because of the [low] hours.

“The original tyres were on this tractor when it came in here. Unfortunately, they were perished in the centre. Hence we have fitted a set of four new over-size tyres.”

He added: “This tractor is impossible to find in this condition. Inside, it has the original owner’s manual and the original seat without a mark on it. The interior is absolutely mint.

“A typical customer for this type of tractor could vary from a farmer wanting our usual tidiness – that we provide here – right through to a collector that would buy this tractor as an appreciating item in the years to come.

“Very often, we will sell items to people like this…that will take the thing home and keep it until it goes further up in value – in these older models.”

‘What we do is different’

Lloyd went on (in the video) to describe what McCullagh Machinery does, saying: “What we do here is different.

“We source as tidy an item as I can find – in the UK. But when we bring them here we bring them – as I’ve been told even by other dealers – to a completely different level.

“We present the item in impeccable shape; the item leaves here as close to original and showroom condition as we can make it. But prior to that is where all our detail lies.”

He added: “In the mechanics of the item, everything is checked through to the best of our ability to, therefore, be able to confidently sell the machine with a full, back-to-front warranty. [That’s what I] tell all the customers that phone me.”