The whole of Galway is like a turlough, according to Independent Councillor James Charity.

The River Clare in Co. Galway has burst its banks, flooding farmland, roads and houses.

As a result of the prolonged rain, the river has now burst its banks causing waterlogged farmland and bog to flood.

He said that that there is huge concern in the farming community and that this is nothing new to them as they had this situation in 2009.

“Farming is a business like everything else, the Government needs to step up to the plate to make sure the agricultural sector is protected.

“Peoples houses and farms have flooded over the last few days, there’s complete devastation.

“The big concern is that things are going to get worse before they’re going to get better,” he said.

“The biggest issue has been on the N84 and land is saturated in Annaghdown and Headford. Flooding in the Neale and Cross is absolutely terrible.

“11,500 cars use the N84 everyday, the Council has raised it to make it passable and there’s also a huge issue with backlog on the N17.

The OPW dug a drainage ditch adjacent to the river and with peak levels expected Sunday, there’s huge concern that we may be facing huge problems.

“There’s serious concerns that some sections (of the N84) may flood again at the weekend,” he said.

Farmland in parts of the country is under several feet of water after Storm Desmond and ensuing heavy rain caused rivers to swell and burst their banks.

Counties in Connacht, Munster and Ulster have been particularly badly hit.

This video from Drone Works Ireland shows the extent of the flooding along the N84 Headford Road between Clonboo and Galway City.

It was filmed on December 10 at 3.00pm, and the road became flooded two days ago causing delays.

The road was then closed that evening (December 10) by Galway County Council to facilitate the temporary raising of the part of the road that flooded.