Dairygold commits to malting contracts

Dairygold confirmed to AgriLand today, Thursday, May 14, that it is committed to purchasing all of the contracted tonnage of malting barley from its growers for the 2020 harvest.

This is despite concerns raised about the impact of Covid-19 on breweries and distilleries and the demand for malting barley.

Speaking about the decision made in recent weeks, Liam O’Flaherty, head of Dairygold agri-business, stated: “The restrictions currently in place have led to the closure of bars and restaurants and this has adversely impacted the demand from the brewing and distilling industries.

However, Dairygold recognises that our growers have already planted crops and we want to give them certainty and security in this challenging time.

“From a co-operative perspective it was important that we could guarantee our contracted malting barley tonnage for growers,” he commented.

Dairygold purchases an average of 110,000t of Irish grain each year and is also a significant user of Irish grain in its range of compound feeds.

Last year it launched its total Irish ration Gold Farm Beef.

Dairygold’s malting barley growers supply the Malting Company of Ireland (MCI), a Joint Venture company with Glanbia.

The MCI is the leading Irish-owned maltings, providing a range of whole-grain Irish malting barley products to the brewing and distilling industry for domestic and export markets.

Glanbia also commits to malting contracts

Yesterday, May 13, Glanbia Ireland announced that it is committed to purchasing all contracted malting barley that meets specifications. The move was welcomed by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

Boortmalt malting barley suppliers have been notified that there will be a reduction in contracts, but have not yet been informed of what that reduction will be.