The cumulative throughput of sheep at sheepmeat export plants has dropped by 1%, figures from the Department of Agriculture show, as total throughput currently stands at 2.2m head.

As of the week ending November 8, 2015, the cumulative national sheep kill was back by 15,486 head on the corresponding period in 2014.

Total spring lamb throughput to Irish export plants has increased by 6% or 68159 head to November 8, 2015, compared to the same period in 2014.

The cumulative number of hoggets (2014 born lambs) going to factories have decreased on 2014 levels by 41,253 head, with 680,372 slaughtered to date in 2015.

There has also been a 13% reduction in the total cast ewe and ram kill, with 40,919 fewer of these animals going to meat export plants in 2015 compared to the same period in 2014.

Figures from the Department of Agriculture also show that the total number of light lambs slaughtered has also fallen by 1,473 and stands at 2,556 to date in 2015.

Sheep kill 111115Weekly Sheep Kill difference

Last week’s national sheep kill currently sits at 49,516, figures from the Department of Agriculture show, this is an increase of 4,298 from the week ending November 1, 2015.

Spring lamb throughput has increased by 3,941 head on previous week’s and stood at 42,310, this is a rise of 9%.

Figures from the Department of Agriculture also show that there were 103 hoggets slaughtered last week, which is a fall of 39 from the week ending October 25.

There has been an 4%  increase in cast ewe and ram slaughterings this is a week-to-week drop of 268 head.

sheep kill 11nov

Mart Trade

The store lamb trade continues to remain buoyant despite the changeable weather over the last week, according to the Country’s mart managers.

Farmer demand is keeping a strong price floor under the store lamb market with these lots making €1.92-2.59/kg.

The trade for butcher and factory lambs also remains good on the back of reduced numbers coming forward to the marts, with these lots trading from €1.71-2.10/kg and €1.78-2.22/kg respectively.