A decision on the planning objection against Aldi building a supermarket on the mart’s site in Co. Clare is expected in early December.

Last week a two-day hearing in Ennis was held by An Bord Pleanala, after three appeals were lodged against permission for the development.

Nicola Corless of The Clare Champion reported from the hearing that there were several issues discussed.

One of the fears is over the remains of a children’s burial ground on the site, with a local priest objecting that the development would “take away the peace and tranquility” of a nearby graveyard.

Secondly, the resident living closest to the site is Kevin O’Connor who is also appealing the planning has said that there is a right of way dispute on the site, which concerns a stile with school children and local people using it through the mart for decades.

Finally, the hearing heard from dairy farmer Pat O’Donoghue that by going ahead with the development would “close off one more avenue of interaction for people“.

O’Donoghue said it counteracts the “loneliness and isolation” experienced by farmers who spend much of their time working on their own, Corless reported.

A report is now to be submitted to An Bord Pleanala on the matter and according to An Bord Pleanala, the case is due to be decided by December 7, 2015.

It is believed that Clare Marts sold the site for a price of €1.5m to the German retailer last year.