Last week’s sheep kill figures (for the week ending April 4) show how tight supplies are, with kill figures back on the previous week.

Total throughput for the week ending April 4, amounted to 42,354 head, which was a decrease of 7,492 head on the previous week.

Hogget throughput came to 36,426, which was a substantial fall of 8,515 head on the week before.

Ewe and ram throughput also saw a drop of 371 head and tallied to 4,532 head.

Spring lamb throughput came to 1,390 head for the week ending April 4.

Week-on-week sheep kill supplies (week ending April 4):

  • Hogget: 36,426 head (-8,515 or -18.9%);
  • Ewes and rams: 4,532 head (-371 or -7.56%);
  • Spring lambs: 1,390 head;
  • Total: 42,354 head (-7,492 or -15%).

Tight supplies clearly showing in the kill figures to date this year

Tight supplies are clearly showing in the figures released by the Department of Agriculture, with the sheep kill back 8% on this time last year.

To date this year, 53,809 less sheep have been slaughtered at meat processing plants in comparison to the same period as last year.

598,851 sheep have been processed to date in 2021, while last year, 652,660 sheep had been processed by the same stage.

The bulk of this decrease has been seen in the lamb/hogget kill where 43,721 fewer have been processed in comparison to the same period in 2020.

Data source: DAFM

11,542 fewer ewes and rams have also been slaughtered in this comparable period. To date this year, over 69,000 ewes and rams have been processed.

Year-on-year sheep kill changes (week ending April 4):

  • Lambs/hoggets: 528,298 head (-43,721 or -8%);
  • Ewes and rams: 69,081 head (-11,542 or -14%);
  • Total: 598,851 head (-53,809 or -8%).