Round 2 of beef talks set to resume this morning

Talks on reform in the Irish beef industry will resume at 11:00am this morning in an effort to resolve the ongoing dispute between beef farmers and beef processors over certain sale conditions affecting the price farmers are paid for cattle.

The talks have commenced following the Beef Plan Movement agreeing to suspend its protests at factory gates nationwide while negotiations take place.

Attending the talks will be representatives from farm lobby groups, Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Department of Agriculture, Bord Bia, Teagasc and other stakeholders.

According to a spokesperson from the Beef Plan Movement, the key points being discussed will include: the 30-month rule; the 70-day residency rule; and the four-movement rule.

The spokesperson added: “The Beef Plan hopes a united front between farm lobby groups will continue and believes these anti-competitive practices must be removed.”

It is believed today’s talks will be another long session following last Monday’s talks which ran for 12 hours.

During the first round of talks on Monday, August 12, a number of proposals were hammered out by the delegates for reviewing aspects of the industry.

These proposals included: a review of the beef grid system; a review of insurance policies in factories; and a review of the formal contractual arrangements between factory agents and the farmer from a quotations perspective.

In addition, the need for a meaningful way of moving live exports was discussed in detail, while the relative power of the retailer in the supply chain was also a talking point.