The talks between Meat Industry Ireland (MII), the Beef Plan Movement, farm organisations and state agencies have concluded following more than 12 hours of discussions.

While some compromise was made, there was not a lot of give from either side in the talks, held in the Department of Agriculture campus in Backweston, Co. Kildare, it is understood.

MII has taken the proposals made at tonight’s exchange and will reflect on a number of the issues raised with its members.

A decision will be made by processors to accept or refuse the tabled resolutions; if accepted, a second meeting will be called for next week – however, if rejected, the meeting could be held this Thursday, August 15.

From the farmer side of the table, it is understood to have been unity across organisations on a number of issues – with the shared fear of the consequences of Brexit also a common theme.

The Beef Plan Movement has not indicated at this time whether its members will resume their protests outside meat factories in the interim or hold off until notice, expected Wednesday evening, of the follow-up meeting.

Earlier yesterday evening, Monday, August 12, a number of proposals were hammered out by the delegates for reviewing aspects of the industry.

These proposals include: a review of the beef grid system; a review of insurance policies in factories; and a review of the formal contractual arrangements between factory agents and the farmer from a quotations perspective.

In addition, the need for a meaningful way of moving live exports was discussed in detail, while the relative power of the retailer in the supply chain was also a talking point.