The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has lifted its ban on road transport of ruminants to continental Europe.

In a statement issued today, Monday, August 12, the authority outlined that live ruminant transports from Ireland are currently allowed for most countries.

However, the department warned that a partial or total ban will be re-imposed if forecasts indicate a temperature rise.

In addition, it advised extreme caution when authorising journeys through areas during the hottest hours of the day such as north-east Spain, south-east France and northern Italy.

On Friday, August 9, the department issued the ban on live exports to Italy with an earlier ban issued for live exports to or through southern areas of France and north-east Spain, Aragon and Catalunya on Wednesday, August 7.

Continuing, the authority noted that journeys must only be endorsed when the veterinary inspector is satisfied that animals will not be transported through areas with forecasts for temperatures of above 30°, for any part of the journey.

The department stressed that the lifting notice does not affect the country-specific ban on road transport of all animals throughout July and August to North Africa, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia; this ban remains in place, the department added.

A further update on the matter will be issued on Wednesday, August 14, before 1:00pm.