Over 30 waste syringes, presumed to have originated from the agricultural industry, were discovered littered along a roadside in Co. Cork yesterday morning (Monday, December 11), a local publication has reported.

West Cork newspaper, The Southern Star, has reported that the finding was made along the N71, just outside Skibbereen, on the road to Ballydehob.

The publication also reported that it is the fourth or fifth time that similar waste has been discovered scattered in the area.

The road runs alongside the Ilen River and is close to a busy housing estate with young families.

The syringes are described as being agricultural waste, used for injecting antibiotics into cows’ teats, and over 30 of them were discovered discarded along the primary route.

The publication reports that a local vet said the syringes are not issued by vets in the area, but by local co-ops, and it is likely they were discarded by a farmer.

Dry cow syringes should be disposed of in a responsible manner after use where they are not a threat to the public or the environment.

Green diesel offence

Meanwhile, in Co. Kilkenny last week, a jeep driver got into trouble with the “thin blue line” when Gardai tested for green diesel recently.

The incident occurred when a jeep and trailer was stopped by Gardai for not wearing a seat belt.

Suspicions were raised of the driver using green diesel also, with the police force alerting customs authorities and taking a fuel sample.

Following confirmation of marked oil, it was confirmed that fines would be issued for the two offences.