Reminder: Slurry safety guidelines

Yesterday signaled an end to the closed period for spreading fertiliser in Zone A. Last week, AgriLand spoke with Pat Griffin of the Health and Safety Authority.

He explained the HSA’s definitive list of safe agitation guidelines and stated: “If people follow [the list] they have a huge chance of not being affected.”

He urged people to read the list and plan ahead before spreading slurry.

Safe agitation guidelines from the HSA:
  • Agitate on windy days;
  • Remove all livestock and control pets;
  • Open all doors and control access;
  • Agitate/ventilate and stay away for 30 minutes;
  • Work upwind at all times;
  • Do not enter tanks – even when empty;
  • Keep tank openings secure at all times;
  • If possible, avoid agitating alone.

Pat also suggested placing the sign beside the agitation point or a sticker on the agitator to remind people of the dangers while they are working.

The sign can be downloaded by clicking here

Source: HSA

“Planning is where farmers should start – looking at the weather and the equipment,” according to Pat.

“The second thing is to follow all of those bullet points in relation to spreading and the third thing is that when they go out to a field to spread to make sure the tank is secured.”

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Spread on a windy day

Weather in recent days has been very calm. This is not suitable for slurry spreading, according to Pat.

“The problem at the moment is a lot of the days are very calm and when you have calm and frosty weather the gas can be released and it can stay around the area for a lot longer than normal.

If there’s a good breeze and you stand with the wind at your back the wind will take the gas away from you and that’s why we ask people to agitate on a windy day.

Opening doors and ventilating is extremely important.

“If there is wind at your back the wind has somewhere to go. If wind doesn’t have somewhere to go it won’t take away the gas so you have to have the doors open,” Pat added.