Miller gives up the stout…because it’s not made from Irish grain

AgriLand was interested to read that Bobby Miller, chairperson of the Irish Grain Growers’ Group (IGGG), gave up drinking stout last year.

Taking to Twitter on January 4 he proclaimed that he was having his first pint of stout in over a year, having given up drinking brands that weren’t produced from 100% Irish grain.

Miller was drinking a bottle of Ballykilcavan Blackwell Irish Stout, which was produced from 100% barley grown on Ballykilcavan Farm in Stradbally, Co. Laois.

The Twitter post read: “Keeping it local, first pint of stout in over a year. Using 100% Irish grain, so that’s why I’m drinking it. I gave up that other famous stout…drink beer, whiskey and spirits that use 100% Irish grain in my opinion.”

Speaking with AgriLand Miller explained that, when he does get a chance to have a pint, he has more confidence in products which advertised where their ingredients were coming from and preferred to support local, small and medium enterprises.

I try and find out whether the grain is Irish or not and I am more interested in the craft beers that have come on stream and some of the whiskeys as well.

Miller added that he would prefer to see dignitaries – visiting the country – being offered a local craft beer, instead of some of the bigger brands.

Ballykilcavan Farm

Ballykilcavan Farm produces stout and ale from its own barley and hops and opened its own brewery recently; up until this time it had been producing beer from its own barley off-site.

AgriLand visited the farm this time last year when David Walsh-Kemmis was planting hop trees on the farm.

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