Met Eireann ‘to monitor situation’ as Storm Helene approaches

Met Eireann has said that it will continue to monitor the situation surrounding the landing of ex-tropical Storm Helene, which is expected to hit Ireland early next week.

In a briefing today (Friday, September 14), the national meteorological office said that current guidance indicates that Helene will take a northeastward track towards Irish shores in the early days of next week.

Tropical Storm Helene is already transitioning to an extra-tropical cyclone southwest of the Azores Islands, Met Eireann says.

The current forecast is that “Storm Helene” or “ex-Tropical Storm Helene” will be to the south of Ireland on Monday night (September 17).

Current guidance has the low pressure system moving northeastwards up through the Irish Sea overnight Monday and early on Tuesday, although the exact path is still uncertain.

A humid spell of wet and windy weather is expected to sweep up over Ireland on Monday night and early Tuesday as a result.

Remaining rain from overnight is expected to clear during Tuesday morning, followed by a blustery day with a mix of cloud and bright or sunny spells and the odd light shower.

The weather will stay unsettled after Tuesday, according to Met Eireann.

Current guidance suggests the potential for warning-level winds and perhaps rain with the system.

There remains some uncertainty in the track of the system. Met Eireann forecasters will continue to monitor the situation and issue warnings, as required, closer to the time, the forecaster has said.