Macra election fever heats up in the south

Two prominent members of Munster Macra na Feirme declared their candidacy for the upcoming Macra election later this year.

The candidates, from counties Cork and Kerry respectively, have set their sights on the position of Macra na Feirme Munster vice president.

Sean Wallace, of Donoughmore Macra in the Muskerry region of Cork, announced his intentions to run on Friday evening at a club meeting.

Posting on social media, Wallace stated: “Tonight at the Donoughmore January meeting, I formally declared my intention to run for Munster vice president of Macra na Feirme.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know as many members as possible over the campaign.

“Here’s to a busy few months,” he said.

Wallace, the national secretary of Macra na Feirme, was among the three winners of the Macra na Feirme National Leadership Awards last year.

Meanwhile, Trevor Coffey of Mid Kerry Macra, Co. Kerry has also formally announced his decision to throw his hat into the ring for the Munster vice presidency.

Mid Kerry Macra released a statement through social media on Saturday (January 5) announcing the candidacy.

The club stated: “Our club member Trevor Coffey has declared his intention to run for Munster vice president of Macra Na Feirme.

Trevor has represented club and county in many positions and various competitions throughout his time in Macra.

“Everyone in Mid Kerry Macra wishes him the best of luck in his campaign,” the club said.

The race for the positions of Leinster vice president and North West vice president have already kicked off.


In Leinster, back in November, Veronica Wheatley of East Laois Macra, Co. Laois, announced her intention to run for the role.

This was followed by Eamon Briscoe of Terminfeckin Macra, Co. Louth, declaring his intentions for the position of Leinster vice president.

North West

Finally, in the north-west, Shane Quigley of Castlebar Macra, Co. Mayo revealed his candidacy.

At the end of November, he announced: “Following all the great support I’ve had over the last few weeks I have decided to run for North West Macra vice president.”