The three original representatives of the Independent Farmers of Ireland group, formed to represent protesters outside factory gates in recent weeks, have resigned, with new representatives elected to replace them at a meeting last night, Tuesday, September 24.

In an open letter, the three representatives who stood down – Alison De Vere Hunt, Ger Gough and Maggie Delahunty – claimed that the “majority” of protesters have accepted the agreement made on Sunday, September 15.

In the letter the former spokespeople said that “a minority throughout the country are unhappy with the deal that has been put in place and wish to re-open beef talks in the hope of holding yet another set of negotiations”.

Ballacolla election

The statement acknowledged that an election took place in Ballacolla, Co. Laois, last night to elect new spokespeople to speak and negotiate on the behalf of those who are unhappy with the current deal.

“When the protests stood down and factories became active again the majority were happy to accept the terms of the deal and return to their daily activities.”

Continuing, the representatives’ letter added that “from today on we feel that the name ‘Independent Farmers of Ireland’ is not a true reflection of the people who stood at the factory gates”.

For this reason, we the three spokespeople wish to tender our resignation and distance ourselves from any activities undertaken by this new group going forward.


Separately, a brief statement from the newly elected representatives of the group acknowledged the outgoing spokespeople and their departure from the group:

“Following a meeting of the group last night, September 24, it was agreed that our current spokespeople would no longer fill that role.

“We thank them sincerely for all their efforts and acknowledge the part they played in the beef talks.

“We trust that they will continue to have a large involvement within our group in our quest to make beef farming sustainable in Ireland once again,” the statement concluded.