Katie Gleeson, better known to her 18.6k followers as ‘katieinthecountry’, will be taking over our social media this Friday, November 26, in another Agriland Instagram Takeover.

Katie started her Instagram back in 2016 and, over the years, it has grown into what it is today: 18.6k followers, a blog, and agency representation.

The mother of three shares everything from her all-round family, farm and rural lifestyle.

“There wasn’t many Irish dairy farming accounts on Instagram at that time and my account grew over the years, as people became interested in life with a young family on a dairy farm,” she told Agriland ahead of her takeover on Friday.

“Because my account is more lifestyle-based, and I’m looking at the farm through fresh eyes, it tends to bridge that gap between farming and non-farming communities.

“I learn something new everyday, and to get to share that with my Instagram community is a privilege.”

Katie Gleeson

The farm

Katie, who is not originally from a farming background, works a 100-cow dairy enterprise with her husband, Phil, in Clonmore, north Tipperary.

“I’m not from a farming background myself, I married into the farm. Phil, my husband, is the fifth generation of Gleesons farming this land,” she said.

“It’s a 150ac farm, with 100 cows milking (Friesian x holstein), 20 maiden heifers, 65 calves retained and 50 head of beef stores.”

It is a grass-based, spring-calving operation grazing from February 1 to mid-November.

Right now, the milking herd is plus of 600kg of feed/cow/year.

The duo are currently drying off cows gradually, with the aim to be finished by December 15, and leaving the maiden heifers at grass until December 1.

As far as future plans go, a shed is being built at the moment – the rest you’ll have to wait and see

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