Department lifts live export ban to Europe

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has decided to lift the ban on road transport of ruminants to continental Europe as of yesterday, Monday, July 1.

Temperatures in Europe have fallen to an extent, although yellow and orange warnings remain in some areas, according to the department in a statement.

The ban may be re-imposed at any time if forecasts show a return to heatwave conditions, the statement added.

Transporters planning journeys through areas with yellow warnings on should apply one or more of the following preventative actions:
  • Ensure vehicle is fitted with effective forced ventilation;
  • Increase the space allowance by at least 30%;
  • Use vehicles with fewer tiers to increase headroom;
  • Plan the journey to take advantage of cooler conditions at night.

Veterinary inspectors (VIs) signing off on such journeys will check that one or more of the above measures (or an equivalent safeguard) is in place.

The ban was introduced last Wednesday, June 26, in light of a heatwave being experienced across the continent. It was subsequently extended on Friday, June 28, to remain in place until yesterday.

This notice does not affect the country-specific ban on road transport of all animals throughout July and August to North Africa, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia; this ban remains in place, the department confirmed.