Aurivo drops milk price for November

Aurivo has announced its intention to cut its milk price for milk produced during the month of November.

Following a meeting on the matter, Aurivo’s board has decided to pay a milk price of 30c/L including VAT for November milk. The average milk price paid will be 37.4c/L for the month, according to the co-op.

This is a 1c/L reduction on its October price.

Market returns have weakened considerably in the last few months with sluggish demand, an Aurivo spokesperson said.

Aurivo will keep the situation under review and pay the maximum price possible as market conditions allow, the representative added.

Meanwhile, yesterday, LacPatrick Dairies announced its decision to hold its milk price for November supplies.

Suppliers in the Republic of Ireland will receive a price of 31c/L including VAT for milk supplied in November; the same price paid for October supplies.

Suppliers in Northern Ireland will receive a price of 26.5p/L for milk supplied in October, also the same as the price paid for October supplies.

However, farmers in Northern Ireland will also receive an additional 2p/L winter bonus and suppliers in the Republic of Ireland will receive a conditional winter bonus of 1.5c/L.

Yesterday also saw Dairygold reveal its hand; the southern co-operative decided to maintain the base price paid for milk supplied in November at 32c/L including a 0.5c/L quality bonus and VAT.

The price is based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.