Arrabawn reveals its milk price for May supplies

Arrabawn Co-op has become the latest processor to reveal its milk price for May, announcing its decision to hold its price from last month.

In a brief statement yesterday evening, Wednesday, June 18, the co-op confirmed:

“The Arrabawn board has decided to hold the May milk price at 29.00c/L [including VAT].”

An Arrabawn spokesperson added:

This price reflects current volatility in dairy markets and the situation will remain under review over the coming weeks.

Arrabawn is the sixth processor to announce its price for last month’s milk.

Dairygold price

Meanwhile, yesterday also saw Dairygold reveal its hand for May milk supplies, announcing its decision to increase its price by 0.5c/L.

This will see a price paid to farmers of 29.19c/L including 0.65c/L in quality and sustainability bonuses and VAT, based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.

A spokesperson for Dairygold said:

Dairy markets in recent weeks have been more positive, but it’s too soon to call it a true recovery, as market uncertainty and volatility abounds. Covid-19 lock-downs are being lifted with food-service pipelines refilling as businesses begin to reopen.

“Chinese demand for the remainder of the year and the Brexit situation remain real concerns,” the Dairygold representative concluded.