6 farmer picket lines ‘reluctantly decide’ to stand down

Six more factory-gate protests at: Kepak Watergrasshill, Co. Cork; Dawn Meats Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo; Dawn Meats Charleville, Co. Cork; ABP Cahir, Co. Tipperary; Dawn Meats Grannagh, Co. Waterford; and Kepak Clones, Co. Monaghan are in the process of standing down, it has been confirmed.

As of Friday night September 20, the picket situation is as follows, according to a statement from the Independent Farmers of Ireland group.

Tonight the following factories stood down their peaceful protests: Dawn Meats Charleville; Dawn Meats Grannagh; Dawn Meats Ballyhaunis; Kepak Watergrasshill.

“Kepak Clones has indicated that they are preparing to stand down over the weekend. Plus, the final protesters have also left ABP Cahir in Co. Tipperary,” the statement outlines.

“When this group is added to Slane, ABP Ferrybank, Slaney, Nenagh, Rathkeale and Roscrea it is quite clear that the majority of the protesters have decided that the proposal agreed last Sunday provides the best blueprint for the future.

“While the proposal is not ideal, it is clear that the majority of people feel it can provide a solid foundation for the future.

The Independent Farmers of Ireland wish to thank all the brave men and women who walked these protests and who made the difficult decision to stand down tonight.

“They started this process for the greater good and clearly tonight they followed the same course.

“Hopefully over the weekend other protests will decide to follow the same course of action and perhaps next week we will all be able to return to our farms with a hopeful view for the future,” the statement concludes.