Bruton’s attempt to ‘pass buck’ on climate challenge ‘won’t wash’ with farmers – Smith

The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, is attempting to “pass the buck” on tackling climate change to farmers and business leaders, it has been claimed.

Earlier today, Friday, September 20, in response to a series of youth-driven global climate protests – which included thronged rallies in Dublin and Cork – Minister Bruton issued the below statement:

“Young people have led the way with highlighting the urgency of taking climate action. It is important that decision makers listen and take note of their experience.

“I have heard the voices of those protesting today. By being a powerful voice, they are paying testament to the damage that is being done to their inheritance.

“They have a message for governments, but also for every sector of society. Now is the time to take action and protect their future,” the minister stated.

Financial supports

However, Pat Smith chairman of the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF) has tonight said that the minister must heed his own advice.

“Minister Bruton needs to take on board his own advice as a key decision maker in relation to addressing the increasing challenge of climate action.

His public response to the massive turnout of youth challenging governments to act on climate change was to call on ‘decision makers to take note’ in some way shifting the responsibility to others.

Smith contends that the minister, and his Government, must stop shunting responsibility on this issue and that instead they must ensure that vital funding supports are in place for the most impacted sectors – namely agriculture.

“A key first step is to ensure that there is the necessary financial supports in place to assist and encourage decision makers such as farmers and SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] in society to act.

“For the minister to attempt to pass the buck to farmers and businesses leaders of this country without putting practical and meaningful financial supports in place to assist will not wash,” said Smith.