Focusing on improved animal performance through genetics at DairyBEEF2019

The Teagasc DairyBEEF2019 open day takes place on May 21, in Teagasc Johnstown Castle, Co. Wexford.

The theme of the event – ‘Advancing Knowledge for an Evolving Industry‘ – aims to deliver a number of key messages to the wider farming community.

There will be four technology villages, each containing an array of information to optimise the environmental and financial sustainability of livestock production systems.

Donall Fahy, genetics village leader, outlined what will be present on the day: “Optimising animal genetics is central to these pillars of sustainability and will be the focus of the genetics village at DairyBEEF2019, through improved animal performance and reduced days to slaughter, without compromising carcass weight.

“The main board for the village will give a thorough breakdown of the new Dairy Beef Index (DBI) and its associated benefits to both beef and dairy farmers.

“The genetics village will also contain several key stands regarding the most recent findings of trials conducted by ICBF (Irish Cattle Breeding Federation) in relation to a sire’s terminal index and its associated effect on progeny during the finishing period.

“In addition, the findings of recent analysis conducted by Teagasc in relation to the slaughter performance of progeny derived from dams of variable Jersey composition will also be on display.”

Continuing, he said: “The most recent breeding trends within the Gene Ireland dairy beef breeding programme will also be discussed on the day.

“Another interesting stand investigates the effect that genetics have on the yield of carcass cut weights and the potential that exists of achieving heavier primal cuts without increasing overall carcass weight.

“Research updates from various dairy-calf to beef programmes on-going within Teagasc will be displayed within the village.

“This open day promises to be an excellent event, whereby farmers will have the opportunity to engage with research personnel to answer any queries and provide guidance on the day,” he concluded.