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Founded in 2007, Clipex – an Australian success story – has brought innovative and alternative products to Irish livestock farmers since setting up its European headquarters in Ennis, Co. Clare, in 2017.

The company offers Irish farmers a complete fencing system and innovative stock handling solutions, as part of its growing product line.

The company has just launched a new livestock handling crush, adding to its already impressive range of cattle handling facilities – the HDX1100 Series Cattle Crush.

This complements the HDX900 Series – a single-parallel squeeze – which is also available from Clipex.

The crush is great value and loaded with special features to make the job of handling livestock safer and more efficient.

Firstly, it is constructed with heavy-duty galvanize which makes it ideal for the European climate that can consist of both hot and cold weather conditions.

It has a double-parallel squeeze and a heavy-duty concertina head bail complete with chin bar. There are two head bail handles, front and rear, for safe stock handling.

Clipex managing director, Kevin Lernihan, says that the crush has many safety features – one of which is in fact the headscope, which is equipped with a layer of rubber to better support the animal’s neck.

“It’s the simplest and one of the best aspects of the crush in terms of safety,” he said. “It’s quite unique and makes the animal totally powerless.”

The crush operates silently to help keep stock calm, so they can move through efficiently; in total, it weighs approximately 1,100kg.

Additionally, it has a sheeted slide gate, bottom doors, rump bar and full vet section. Anti-bruise rails also keep stock safe from bruising – these rails are completely unique to Clipex.

“The bottom door facilitates suckling and belly trimming etc, while the top door allows access to work on the animal,” Kevin added.

Bottom door which can facilitate suckling and belly trimming

The crush can be fitted with a weighing system that can be connected – via Bluetooth – to any on-farm data management software system.

It comes with the patented anti-rattle slam catches on all the doors. These work on a taper system that hold the doors tight and eliminate rattling and noise – helping cattle stay calmer; nylon bushes are also used for all the moving parts which helps to eliminates squeaks.

Clipex believes crushes should last a lifetime, so they are built with strength and durability in mind. This crush uses the innovative Clipex socket castings in the corners that are 70% stronger than traditional butt joints.

“The whole design is based around animal and farmer welfare, and to keep the family farm a safe place to work.

Headscope holding an animal’s head safely in place

“At Clipex, we believe that every farmer should come home safe every evening. We do our best to design equipment safely and as labour-free as possible,” Kevin concluded.

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