Exhibitors have been counting the cost today (Wednesday, September 19) as several returned to the National Ploughing Championships site, following Storm Ali, to find severe damage on some stands.

Some of these exhibitors shared their reactions to Storm Ali, the National Ploughing Association (NPA) and what turned out to be a disappointing and expensive day, as ferocious winds wreaked havoc in Screggan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

In today’s ‘Ploughing’ coverage, presenter Claire Mc Cormack speaks to Peadar Glennon from the Irish Simmental Cattle Society; Pat McCormack from the ICMSA (Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association); John Frisby from CTS Security; and John Cahalan from FBD.

Glennon described how damage was sustained by his stand – where a number of Simmental cattle were penned – when a neighbouring marquee was blown in against it.

Fortunately, the cattle avoided injury in the storm, though the tent did take a hit.

The neighbouring stand, which housed CTS Security, was “completely gone”, according to John Frisby.

Probably €10,000-15,000 worth of equipment was just in bits on the ground.

“We’ve nowhere to go for two days,” Frisby said. “Nobody has contacted us to say you can set up somewhere else, if we got some bit of equipment up and going.

“In fairness, the guys from the Simmental Society – they’d have to talk to the powers that be – did offer us a section inside in their tent; if that happens, it happens – we’d be happy to go ahead with that.”

Today’s show also features progress from the clean-up operation, along with the latest information regarding the rest of the show.