Following county executive meetings in Galway and Roscommon last night, a candidate from each county was nominated to go forward for the position of Connacht Regional Chairman.

Tom Turley, the incumbent, was backed by the Galway executive at a meeting held last night in the Raheen Woods in Athenry.

Galway’s second County Chairman, Peter Gohery, said that there was a lot of annoyance at the meeting that Turley had to be nominated again after the county had already put him through earlier this year.

Gohery said that there was over 100 people at the meeting and a second candidate was nominated – Pat Hardiman from Killimor.

However, Turley got the majority of the vote at the meeting.

Meanwhile, at the Roscommon executive held last night in Hannon’s Hotel, John O’Beirne was backed again by his home county.

Speaking to Agriland, O’Beirne said that he got the nomination from his home county and that tonight (February 11) will be decider.

“Leitrim, Sligo and Mayo meet tonight and now I have to try and get a second nomination.

“The talk is that the three counties will put forward a candidate.”

If that’s the case, O’Beirne said that it’s hard to think that they’d back another county (other than their own) to run for the Connacht job.

Tonight, the three other Connacht county executives, Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim, are to meet. It is understood that each of the counties is to nominate a candidate each, again.

Should all five decide to run, the region will be in deadlock again as each county only has one nomination.

Earlier this month, the IFA ruled that there as no valid nomination for the Regional Chair position, despite four candidates and one with the necessary signature.