Topcon adds tillage depth control to its high-tech toolbox

Topcon has taken the concept of sprayer boom height control and applied it to tillage equipment which, it claims, will ensure an even working depth.

There are three main potential benefits that accrue from doing this, according to the company.

Ultrasonic sensors

The first is that the system maintains correct implement depth, while automatically compensating for differing soil types and terrains. It achieves this through the use of ultrasonic sensors – attached at various locations on the implement.

The second apparent advantage is that this technology can be applied to any suitable tillage implement, irrespective of brand or age. The only requirement is that it has hydraulic depth control. The towing tractor also needs to be equipped with a suitable display that supports ISOBUS Virtual Terminal functionality.

In addition, it is designed as a set-it-and-forget-it system. It automatically hits the correct cutting depth in all conditions and in all types of terrain.

A Topcon spokesperson explained: “This system brings precision to tillage applications – for use even on tractors that might not be equipped with the latest technical capabilities.

This automatic system reduces soil compaction and slippage in wet conditions, as well as boosting fuel and time efficiencies in the field.

This development is actually the result of work by Norac – a subsidiary that was acquired by Topcon back in 2015.

Norac was founded in 1974 and is based in Saskatoon, Canada. It claims to have pioneered the use of ultrasonic sensing in the ongoing development of control equipment for the agricultural industry.

For example, boom height control systems developed by Norac automatically keep sprayer booms at the correct distance from the ground (or from the top of the crop).