Coca-Cola has held on to its position as the biggest selling brand in the Irish grocery market for 10 years, but Glanbia‘s Avonmore Milk is the second biggest selling brand in Irish supermarkets, according to the latest Checkout Top 100 Brands report, produced by Checkout magazine in association with Nielsen.

Avonmore Milk and Brennans Bread, the second and third biggest selling brands in the country, also remain long-term favourites among Irish consumers, having held their respective positions for the past five years.

In fact, Irish consumers remain fairly consistent when it comes to the brands they purchase most often, with only one new entry in the Top 10 this year: Pampers.

The remainder of the Top 10 is as follows: Cadbury Dairy Milk (4th, up one place since last year), Tayto (5th, up one place), Lucozade (6th, down two places), 7UP (7th, unchanged), Walkers (8th, up one place), Jacob’s (9th, down one place) and Pampers (10th, up one place).

The Checkout Top 100 Brands measures sales across the retail grocery, convenience and forecourt sectors. Over 6,500 brands from across 200 product classes are measured for the survey. The significance of the ‘Top 100 Brands’ is illustrated by the fact that their collective value represents almost 50% of the entire brand spectrum.

“While many consumers remain focused on value and shopping around in search of the best deals, brand owners are continuously investing in new product development and innovation in order to drive purchase,” says Stephen Wynne-Jones, editor, Checkout.

“Ireland’s biggest brands are engaging with consumers like never before, offering real, actionable solutions to shoppers, as well as taking a category leadership approach to help boost sales. Each of the Top 100 Brands understands the importance of keeping their products ‘front of mind’ with consumers, and are eagerly seeking to reinforce that point at any available opportunity.”

Among the other significant climbers in the Top 100 list are Wrigley’s Extra, which rises four places to 11th; Club soft drinks, up six places to 15th; Maltesers, up 19 places to 36th; Volvic, up seven places to 40th; Deep River Rock, up nine places to 42nd and HB Magnum, up 14 places to 44th.

Dropping down the list are Denny (Sliced Meat), down five places to 18th; Lyons tea, down eight places to 24th; Goodfella’s pizza, down eight places to 25th; Knorr Soup, down nine places to 47th and Weetabix, down 14 places to 56th.

This year’s list has also proved fruitful for many Irish brands, with Pat The Baker rising eight places to 17th; Ballygowan up nine places to 31st; Glenisk up six places to 33rd; Flahavan’s up four places to 55th (making it now the biggest brand in the Breakfast Cereals category); Cully & Sully up 11 places to 80th and Clonakilty up 11 places to 87th.

The annual Top 100 Brands report, produced in association with Nielsen, also measures the biggest selling grocery categories in the Irish marketplace, in the annual Top 100 Categories list. Confectionery is the biggest selling category in Ireland (11 confectionery brands make the Top 100 Brands list), followed by Milk (2nd), Bread (3rd), Carbonated Soft Drinks (4th) and Biscuits (5th).

Top 100 Brands 2014: The Top 20

1. Coca-Cola

2. Avonmore

3. Brennans

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk

5. Tayto

6. Lucozade

7. 7UP

8. Walkers

9. Jacob’s

10. Pampers

11. Wrigley’s Extra

12. Danone

13. Irish Pride

14. Yoplait

15. Club (Soft Drinks)

16. Dairygold

17. Pat The Baker

18. Denny (Sliced Meat)

19. Müller

20. Nescafé