Dozens of dead deer have been discovered in a pit in the well-known Co. Wicklow estate of Luggala, following a tip off.

It is reported that a “thorough investigation” will now take place by the Council’s Environmental Officer, and that Gardai are investigating whether or not the deer were shot by licensed hunters.

According to Wicklow Co. Council, it received a telephone complaint on April 4 regarding the dumping of the deer carcasses, followed by an email complaint on the same issue a day later.

It says it passed on the issue to the Council’s Environmental Warden, who carried out an inspection on the estate on April 5.

“The Environmental Warden advised the Estate Manager about the situation and a clean-up and removal of the carcasses has been organised,” said the Council.

“The matter will be reviewed again over coming days by the Waste Management Section of Wicklow Co. Council and if further action is required it will be determined at that time.”

Scenes from the international hit TV series ‘Vikings’ have been filmed at Luggala, which is owned by the aristocrat, arts patron and Claddagh Records-founder Garech Browne.

The estate has hosted many famous guests over recent decades, including Mick Jagger, Bono and Micheal Jackson and is reputed to be the reason why the late film director, John Huston, chose to move to Ireland.

Located almost 30 miles south of  Dublin, the 5,000-acre estate near Roundwood has also been used for location shots for numerous films, including Excalibur (1981), The Nephew (1998), King Arthur (2004) and Astérix et Obélix (2012).