Time is running out for farmers to voice their views in AgriLand’s ‘state of the nation’ farming survey – aimed at giving primary producers up and down the country the chance to have their say.

This is especially important now, given the dramatic events of recent weeks and months.

We want you to be part of this.

To this end, AgriLand has partnered with Empathy Research – to bring you a survey that seeks the real, unfiltered views of farmers on the ground.

The results from this survey will be released in the run-up to the National Ploughing Championships, which take place next week (September 17-19) near Fenagh, Co. Carlow.

To have your say, click on this link or on the button below to open it.

AgriLand ‘state of the nation’ survey

It should take circa 10 minutes to complete.

We’re seeking the views of farmers from all regions and demographics – primary producers from every farming enterprise.

Scope of this survey

So, whether you’re consumed (and impacted) by the current beef crisis, or grappling with other challenges across the farming spectrum, we want your input.

The questions are varied; some pertain to the role and effectiveness (or otherwise) of our farming representative bodies; others ask for feedback on the performance of our industry figure-heads.