SuperValu has stated that it is “on a mission” to help reduce the threat that pollinators are currently under. It launched its ‘Save The Bees’ campaign today, Thursday, March 12.

According to a statement from the retailer, “SuperValu wants to help local communities, schools and families lead the way in creating an Ireland where pollinators can thrive”.

The supermarket chain said it is vital that bees have enough flowers to forage and safe places to use for nesting, among vegetation, the soil and hedges.

In response to the challenges faced by pollinators, SuperValu, in collaboration with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, has launched its ‘Save the Bees’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and to support the local biodiversity in communities around Ireland.

The aim of the campaign is to educate and empower school children to make a difference.

Bee population at risk

Approximately one-third of the food crops we grow benefit from pollination. However, 30% of bees are in danger of becoming extinct in Ireland. This may impact on our food supply and environment over the coming years if it is not addressed.

Currently, some bee habitats are at risk and a loss of food is also a concern. However, simple changes can have a big impact on the future of bees.

Pollinators help to keep SuperValu shelves stocked

Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick, head of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, stated: “Ireland’s wild pollinators are in serious decline, but we can change this.

The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan is a call to action to all of us. It is about communicating to everyone exactly how to help in the most effective way possible.

“The new ‘Save the Bees’ campaign epitomises this, and we are delighted to partner with SuperValu in educating and empowering children across over 3,200 primary schools on how to help change the fate of our pollinators for the better.”

SuperValu described how bees help to keep their shelves stocked.

Maighréad Cremin, SuperValu community and sponsorship manager, commented: “Pollination is key for crop production; without it a number of the products, particularly in the fruit and veg section of our stores, would disappear from our shelves.

“In SuperValu, we understand how serious the problem of pollinator decline in Ireland is and are delighted to work with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan to make changes through our ‘Save the Bees’ campaign.”

Packs sent to schools

A SuperValu ‘Save the Bees’ Pollinator Pack has been sent to every primary school in Ireland. This pack has been co-created with Dr. Úna Fitzpatrick, head of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan. It has also been endorsed by SuperValu TidyTowns.

What does the pack contain?
  • Guidebooks;
  • Posters and bookmarks;
  • A wildflower garden kit with native Irish seeds;
  • And a garden sign.

It is hoped that this will allow every school to create their own wildflower patch which can be replicated in home-gardens across Ireland.

The intention of the ‘Save The Bees’ campaign is to not only help schools understand pollinators and how to protect them, but also help them make Ireland more pollinator friendly.

The statement continued on to describe how many bedding plants are not rich in pollen or nectar and in order to thrive wild bees need pockets of wildflower-rich habitat to provide them with nesting areas and a diverse diet.

Families can collect their own ‘Save the Bees’ cards in SuperValu with a spend of over €30. These cards are added to each school’s ‘Save the Bees’ poster which once completed can be entered into a draw to win a share of €50,000 for the school.

It should also be noted that all elements of the ‘Save the Bees’ Pollinator Pack have been sustainably sourced and are recyclable.