Straw price meets floor as demand comes with wet weather

Straw prices seem to be finding a floor and while the wet weather is having a serious effect on harvest progress, it does seem to have helped in the development of a bottom price being paid.

Following opening quotes of €18-20/bale (4X4), straw was slow to move and it was hard to get a price on what was moving.

Beef protests haven’t helped movements as farmers wait in uncertainty of their stock requirements for the coming season.

Other farmers held out in the hope that price would drop as straw yields from winter barley crops looked good.

Those yields did look good, but weather has now prevented a significant amount of this straw for being baled. Other farmers opted to turn on the chopper as straw price did not outweigh the benefits of incorporating the straw back into the ground.

A wet week ahead means that uncertainty surrounds the ease of picking up straw from winter and spring crops. Strong demand might come yet. In the meantime, the figures that AgriLand has come across in recent days are outlined below.

Straw price

According to prices reported to AgriLand, the straw market hit its lowest at €10/bale last week in the Athy area of Co. Kildare and in parts of Co. Wexford. However, this floor has since settled slightly higher and looks to be approximately €12/bale this week – for winter barley straw.

In Munster, the price looks to be higher at €15/bale for 4X4 bales of barley straw, while straw is available for €18/bale in Co. Waterford where delivered locally. Some farmers in Co. Waterford are still holding out for €20/bale.

In Connacht, prices for 4X4 winter barley straw are ranging from €13/bale to €25/bale. Delivery is included in some of these reports.