There is some upward movement to report in lamb prices at the start of this week (Monday, November 6), with base quotes increasing on last week’s prices by 10c/kg from some processors.

Both Kildare Chilling and Irish Country Meats (ICM) are now firmly ahead of the base prices they were offering for spring lambs 12 months ago.

This week, base prices range from €6.10/kg to €6.40/kg, excluding quality assurance (QA) bonuses.

While ICM has maintained its price for a spring lamb for three consecutive weeks, Kildare Chilling has just increased its offering from last week.

Producers will no doubt hope that this will be the start of lamb prices improving and mirror what was seen this time in 2021, when lamb prices were already on the rise and base prices were just shy of €7.00/kg in cases.

Cull ewe prices have remained steady in recent weeks, with ICM offering the same price for the last five weeks.

Spring lamb prices

Kildare Chilling has increased its offering for lambs at the start of this week by 10c/kg for today only (November 6), which will pay farmers €6.40/kg plus a 10c QA bonus up to 22kg for spring lambs, a total of €6.50/kg.

They are offering €5.00/kg for light lambs under 16kg or those that are grading from an O2 to P1.

This week, ICM is offering €6.10/kg plus a 20c QA bonus, bringing its offering to €6.30/kg up to a 22.5kg carcass weight for spring lamb.

Other outlets are offering €6.15/kg plus a 15c QA bonus, a total of €6.30/kg for a QA spring lamb.

Cull ewe prices

Kildare Chilling has offered farmers a quote for today only for cull ewes, the price differing depending on the weight of the ewe.

The outlet is offering €2.60/kg plus a 10c QA bonus for ewes from 23kg to 35kg.

For ewes between 35kg to 43kg, Kildare Chilling is offering farmers €2.90/kg plus a 10c QA bonus, a total of €3.00/kg for a better type ewe.

Ewes under 23kg will fetch a price of €2.00/kg from Kildare Chilling today.

ICM is offering €2.60/kg for a ewe up to a 45kg carcass weight, the price remaining the same as last week, while other outlets have offered €2.50/kg for a ewe.