Almost 500 weanlings were of offer at Carnew Mart’s weanling show and sale which took place last Wednesday, September 29.

According to Carnew Mart’s yard manager Eugene Clune, the show and sale – which was sponsored by Sheridan Colohan Insurance Brokers – featured some “top-quality stock”.

First through the ring was the weanling heifers and, according to Clune, heifers met a very lively trade throughout with a top price of €4.56/kg secured for a 486kg roan-type Belgian Blue heifer.

Some of the top weanling heifer prices on the day:

  • 486kg Belgian Blue cross €2,230;
  • 456kg Belgian Blue cross €1,780;
  • 482kg Limousin cross €1,700;
  • 490kg Belgian Blue cross €1,800;
  • 382kg Belgian Blue cross €1,460;
  • 296kg Belgian Blue cross €1,100.

The shapely, show-type, muscled heifers were a very strong trade on the day with exporters and show-cattle buyers from all over the country – both online and ringside – buying the weanlings on offer.

The prize winners in the weanling-heifer category on the day were as follows:

First: Frank Kenna – Lot 1624 – Belgian-Blue heifer at 496kg sold for €1,680;

Second: Frank Kenna – Lot 1625 – Limousin heifer at 486kg sold for €2,220;

Third: Peter Kavanagh – Lot 1660 – 1 Belgian Blue heifer at 382kg sold for €1,460.

The Carnew Mart yard manager explained that this type of weanling heifer generally traded from between €3.60 to €3.90/kg.

The farmer-type weanling heifer was a very lively trade with many farmers around the ring bidding in an effort to secure the stock on offer.

These type of heifers ranged from between €2.50 and €3/kg, with most selling between €2.60 and €2.80/kg.

Weanling bulls

Bulls were a very brisk trade with specialist bull feeders and farmers battling the exporters and feedlot buyers around the ring to secure the bulls on offer.

This resulted in “a full clearance and a top trade”, according to Clune.

Most farmer-type lighter bulls sold from €2.60 to €2.80/kg, with heavier bulls ready for feeding selling up to €3/kg. The higher-end bulls more suitable for the export market made up to €3.50/kg.

Some of the top weanling bull prices on the day:

  • 438kg Charolais €1,310;
  • 288kg Belgian Blue €1,010;
  • 340kg Belgian Blue €1,110;
  • 382kg Belgian Blue €1,300;
  • 508kg Charolais €1,370;
  • 436kg Charolais €1,240;
  • 614kg Belgian Blue €1,740;
  • 418kg Limousin €1,320.

The prize winners in the weanling bull category on the day were as follows:

First: Frank Kenna – Lot 2247 – Belgian Blue bull at 616kg sold for €1,720;

Second: Frank Kenna – Lot 2245 – Belgian Blue bull at 614kg sold for €1,740;

Third: Liam Dillion  – Lot 2366 – Limousin bull at 604kg sold for €1,560.