A total of 830 cattle went under the hammer at Dowra Mart, Co. Cavan, last Saturday, October 4.

On the day, a special sale of bull weanlings took place with strong demand from buyers both ringside and online.

Speaking to Agriland following the sale, Dowra Mart’s Terry McGovern noted particularly strong activity from buyers in the midlands and east of the country for quality lots of bull weanlings at Dowra’s weekly cattle sale.

He noted that trade continues very strong for all classes of quality cattle but added that “some of the plainer cattle were a bit easier this week”.

He added heifer weanlings are a good trade this year also, with a particular interest from buyers for quality, high-end weanling heifers. He noted that the mart will host a special sale of weanling heifers this Saturday, October 9.

Bull weanling prices:

  • 3 x CHX – 295kg – €1,070;
  • 1 x CHX – 285kg – €930;
  • 1 x CHX – 265kg – €920;
  • 1 x CHX – 395kg – €1,270;
  • 1 x CHX – 390kg – €1,260;
  • 1 x CHX – 390kg – €1,250.

Heifer weanling prices:

  • 1 x CHX – 370kg – €1,060;
  • •1 x CHX – 385kg – €1,060;
  • •2 x CHX – 395kg – €1,060;
  • •1 x LMX – 355kg – €1,050;
  • •1 x CHX – 370kg – €1,040.

Commenting on activity from northern buyers, the Dowra Mart manager noted northern customers are keen for heifers, heavy cows and bullocks also.

McGovern noted numbers of cattle are remaining high, but added these could begin to ease off in the coming weeks as a lot of the cattle have gone through the marts already, and said “there’s not a huge amount of weanlings about but there are a lot of heavy heifers and bullocks coming through the sales rings currently.”

He added that farmers with quality weanlings are getting well paid for them this year and concluded: “There’s lots of farmers out there to buy quality cattle this year.”