Macra na Feirme is calling on the government to ensure that the upcoming CAP strategic plan (CSP) delivery and carbon budgets “consider young farmers and the future of Irish farming”.  

“According [to] Teagasc, Ireland’s emissions per kilogram of food production are among the lowest in the Europe,” Macra said.

“Irish farming is perfectly positioned as a global leader in sustainable food production. It is important to recognise the contribution that Ireland’s largest indigenous industry has on the livelihoods of young people and ensure future plans keep farming viable.”

Shape the future of farming

Macra president John Keane said these plans and budgets “will shape farming in Ireland long into the future”.  

“What young farmers need is constructive engagement on both topics to ensure that a future is provided for young people in farming,” he said.

“If caps and limits are implemented by our government, it would drive food production away from Ireland, resulting in increased negative impacts on our climate and environment.”

Macra stressed that young Irish farmers need government to provide supports and policies that “deliver on environmental commitments while also allowing young farmers the opportunity to grow their family farm businesses”.  

“Getting the balance wrong will result in Irish family farms being placed at a disadvantage compared to our international counterparts,” Keane continued.

Macra said it is asking the government to ensure the CSP and carbon budget “provide young farmers and new entrants the opportunity to enter and grow within the farming sector”.

“We cannot find ourselves in a position where farming in Ireland does not provide for new entrants into the sector or allow for young people to grow a business and develop a sustainable living,” Keane added.

“Plans that restrict both new entrants and young people will not be conducive to meeting our environmental targets, generational renewal commitments nor ensuring the fabric of rural communities is maintained for generations to follow.”