This week’s factory quotes reflect the continued firm trade being witnessed across all categories of beef cattle.

Generally speaking, cattle price has held this week with procurement officers subtly quoting a 5c/kg rise in all grades of well-fleshed cows – a good indicator that demand for all types of beef cattle is strong from processors.

Starting with heifers, €4.20/kg on the grid is the general run this week with €4.25/kg on the grid openly available in some processing facilities.

Next up is steers and €4.15/kg on the grid is the general run in this category with €4.20/kg on the grid available in one Donegal-based processor.

While base price has continued to hold in the heifer and steer category, more money is there to be secured in the form both breed and weight bonuses and farmers with a group of fleshed beef cattle to sell should ensure they are getting as much money as is available and not be afraid to negotiate a deal with the processor.

Next up is cows – the category which is arguably outperforming all other categories this year.

This week, 5c/kg more is being quoted to farmers by the stronger cow-buying processors to secure cows – a move which would indicate the demand for manufacturing beef – as well as in-spec cattle – remains very strong.

Farmers with factory-fit cows approaching 300kg carcass weight and above are being quoted €3.55, €3.65 and €3.85/kg for P, O and R-grade cows respectively and larger, more regular cow suppliers are securing an additional 10c/kg.

However, farmers should remember there is scope for negotiation in the cow category this week of at least 10c/kg and in a situation where a bunch of well-fleshed, heavy cows are on offer, the farmer has the ball in their court and should not be afraid to drive home a good deal with procurement staff.

Next up is under-24 month bulls and €3.90, €4.00 and €4.10/kg is being quoted for P, O and R-grade bulls respectively with space for negotiating where a group of good bulls are available.

Factories are willing to pay more money for bulls weighing over 320kg and below 400kg and securing a fat-score of between a 2+ and a 3+ in flesh.

Finally, under-16 month bulls are being quoted at €4.15/kg on the grid while other factories are doing flat-price deals and offering more money for bulls in the 320-400kg weight band.