Kilkenny Agricultural Machinery Ltd. will be holding a demonstration day on Wednesday (August 2) on a 14ac site close to the city itself with a Vlatra Q Series on working display.

As a certified Valtra dealer, the company will naturally be displaying a full range of the manufacturer’s models and other machines from the brands stocked by the company.

Q Series with baler

Given the poor weather Ireland has suffered over the summer there was some doubt as to whether it would go ahead or not, but with a break in the rain due mid-week it was decided to go ahead with the day.

It will be a working day, all being well, and one of the big draws will be the latest Valtra Q305 coupled to a McHale Fusion 4 baler.

Fusion 4 McHale
The new Fusion 4 is ISOBUS compatible and enjoys many other refinements over the previous model

The Q Series is Valtra’s flagship range is packed with all the latest digital technology while the McHale Fusion 4 is now fully ISOBUS-compatible and connectivity via the protocol comes as standard.

Through the tractor’s ISOBUS terminal or McHale’s ISO-Play terminals, the operator has a full overview of the balers performance, allowing for increased levels of monitoring via the graphic display.

AGCO Power

The Q 305 is the largest Valtra in Q series and gave an impressive performance when Agriland had the chance to drive it earlier in the year. It is intended as a premium tractor providing optimum comfort as well efficiency through digitalisation.

Kilkenny Agricultural Machinery Ltd. is also agent for Horsch, Smyths trailers, Redrock and Dalbo.

A selection of machines from these franchises will also be on display in what the company promises to be a busy event.

The location for the demo day is at Clara, close to the N10 Kilkenny-Carlow road. It runs from 11:00a.m to 4:00p.m.