People who stop eating meat ‘never worked hard’

An Independent TD for the Kerry constituency has claimed that people who stop eating meat “never worked hard”.

In a recent interview with Dublin’s 98FM, Danny Healy Rae gave his views on the vegetarian culture.

He said: “Them fellows that are talking about stopping people eating meat never worked hard.

If you’re a hard worker and do a hard days work, there’s nothing to bring you back and to revive you again than a piece of good meat.

Continuing, the Independent Kerry TD explained: “Whether it is bacon and cabbage or whether it is beef or mutton stew.”

He concluded: “If you don’t have that, you wont rise out the following day.”

Taoiseach reassures deputies

His comments come as An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has reassured deputies in the Dail chamber today that he has “not become a vegan or anything like that”.

Varadkar explained: “I was specifically asked what I was doing on climate change and I said that I was trying to eat less red meat – not give it up – I had a very nice Hereford steak last night.”

The Taoiseach has come under criticism recently when he said he is eating less red meat to reduce his carbon footprint and to contribute to climate change mitigation.

He clarified that this was for two reasons: one was health; and the other was climate change.

Continuing, he explained: “It’s not flippant, it is a fact that red meat increases instances of cancer and also contributes more to climate change.

I can reassure deputies that I have not become a vegan or anything like that.

Concluding, Varadkar praised Irish farmers saying: “I am very happy to eat fish landed in Donegal, poultry, turkeys and pork meat as well as all of the wonderful products that Irish farmers produce.”