Patrick Kent to resign as ICSA president

ICSA president Patrick Kent has announced his intention to step down from his position as leader of the association with immediate effect, after a meeting of the association’s National Executive Committee this evening, Wednesday, April 24.

Kent has held the position since 2014, having been re-elected twice during that time.

During his time at the helm of the ICSA (Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association), Kent was the first farm leader to push for an EU-level auditor to analyse and publicise who actually makes the profit from beef, and to expose retailers or processors who take excess margins from the food-chain, the association said in a statement.

The announcement comes after it was revealed that Kent was on the ‘replacement list’ for Mick Wallace in the upcoming European elections.


In a statement, the ICSA paid tribute to its outgoing president.

“Mr. Kent showed vision in his outspoken viewpoint that consumer resistance to GM foods could not be ignored by a food-exporting island that wanted to achieve premium prices based on a clean, green image.

“He also worked very hard to persuade environmental campaigners that cattle and sheep farming systems in Ireland were part of the solution – not part of the problem,” said the association.

He was an active figure in Brussels having led countless delegations from the ICSA over the years. In recent weeks, Mr. Kent has focused his efforts on securing an EU Brexit support package for beef farmers.

Speaking to AgriLand earlier today, Kent confirmed that he was on the replacement list for Mick Wallace in the upcoming European elections.

If Wallace – who is running in the Ireland-South constituency – is successful in his bid to become an MEP, but is later unable to fulfill the position in Europe, a candidate from his replacement list will be asked to step into the role.

Kent was named as the second replacement for Wallace.

“It is highly unlikely that a scenario would arise where the first replacement and Mick Wallace could not fulfill the role. But, if I’m called upon, I certainly would go to Europe,” he said.