ICSA leader named on replacement list for MEP candidate Mick Wallace

The president of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA), Patrick Kent, is named on the replacement list for independent TD Mick Wallace, who is running in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

If Wallace – who is running in the Ireland-South constituency – is successful in his bid to become an MEP, but is later unable to fulfill the position in Europe, a candidate from his replacement list will be asked to step into the role.

Although a casual vacancy is filled by the person whose name stands highest on the relevant list of replacement candidates, Kent – who is named in second position on the Independents 4 Change replacement list – said he will fill the bill if necessary.

However, speaking to AgriLand, Kent insists that he is “apolitical“.

“He [Wallace] rang me up out of the blue and asked if he could put me on the list. I told him that ‘I’m apolitical; I can’t do anything for you’.

But, I said that if he wanted to put me on the list of replacements, ‘that would be okay’.

With just a matter of months left in his current position as leader of the ICSA – a position Kent has held for six years – he said he will go to Europe “in the unlikely event” that he is called upon.

“It is highly unlikely that a scenario would arise where the first replacement and Mick Wallace could not fulfill the role. But, if I’m called upon, I certainly will be going to Europe,” he said.

Politics is not high on my list of priorities – but, certainly if the situation arose, I would absolutely do it without a doubt.

The development is expected to be discussed at the ICSA’s National Executive Committee meeting in Portlaoise later today, April 24.