One injection will solve all your worm problems this spring

Calves and yearlings are soon to be turned out and with that comes the planning of pasture management and worm control.

All farmers know that with the benefits of having cattle out at grass, there are also some challenges, with ground conditions, sward quality and parasite worms.

Worms can have a huge effect on both the health and performance of all cattle, in particular first-season grazers and yearlings.

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Whether they are dairy heifer calves, who need to be putting on at least 750g/ day to reach sufficient weight to be on target for breeding or beef calves to maximise production, they cannot afford to be pulled back by worm burdens.


Cydectin 10% LA (Long Acting) injection has been tried and tested by a growing number of farmers to give continuous protection against worms for 120 days, from a single injection.

At the same time, they can develop immunity to hoose worms. Calves over 100kg, or weanlings, are given a single injection of 1ml per 100kg.

“Talking to farmers who have switched to Cydectin LA, they often comment that they changed because it was more convenient than gathering up cattle at regular intervals during the grazing season,” said Charles Chavasse, Area Veterinary Manager with Zoetis.

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“Invariably, farmers who use the product say how the animals performed better and that they now realise their previous regime was not as efficient as they had once thought. So, less work and better performance”.

The vets view

Killenaule Vet Padraig Duggan encourages many of his farmers to use Cydectin LA 10% in their young stock at turn out or 3-4 weeks after turnout.

“It is comforting to know that the important worm infections are taken care of in one handling of the animals for the whole grazing season, without having to round them up every four to six weeks as was done in the past.

Our farmers have also seen a significant improvement in thrive since they started using Cydectin 10% LA. The realisation of the improved weight gain with a more appropriate and effective worming program is now more obvious as more and more farmers are weighing their replacement heifers on a regular basis”.

The farmers view

Colm Duggan who runs the family dairy farm with his father John, near Drangan in Tipperary has used Cydectin 10% LA for past 2 years and is delighted with the results.

“We changed to the long acting wormer injection because one injection for the whole summer is brilliant for saving labour and hassle”.

“2014 and 2015 were very different in terms of weather conditions and worm burdens but our success with Cydectin LA in both years proves to me that it provides consistent worm control, whatever the weather.”