Motor ‘MacGyver’ reined in on rural road

Gardaí stopped a car with a “modified” DIY exhaust in a rural location in the south in recent days.

Stopped by members of An Garda Síochána’s Fermoy Road Policing Unit (RPU) in Co. Cork for excessive noise, upon closer inspection, it transpired that the vehicle’s exhaust was missing, with a makeshift replacement fitted instead.

The stand-in exhaust was comprised of a steel pipe, a chain and a coat-hanger, according to local Gardaí, with members making a wry comparison to inventive 1980s TV character MacGyver.

The driver was nonetheless issued with a court summons for excessive noise and failing to display novice ‘N’ plates, which are compulsory for all drivers who have passed their driving test less than two years ago.

Issuing a brief statement on the matter alongside a photo of the replacement, local Gardaí said:

“Fermoy RPU heard this car before they saw it.

“On closer inspection they saw this DIY exhaust that MacGyver would’ve been proud of.

A steel pipe, coat-hanger and a bit of chain but no muffler.

“Will receive a summons for excessive noise from car and non-display of ‘N’ plates,” the Garda statement concluded.

While there are many jokes about the inventiveness of farmers armed with baler twine, how would the typical farmer fare with a coat-hanger?