Back on July 10, we brought you news of the imminent arrival of John Deere’s new 9000 Series self-propelled forage harvesters.

The company has been releasing teaser videos online, which contain increasingly clear references to the forthcoming machines. Here (below) is one of the more recent examples.

This picture (below), albeit a ‘low-resolution’ photograph, apparently shows one of the new machines at a recent unveiling – in this case a 9700i.

Image source: Twitter (AgriMacFan / NOtrattorist)

It now seems likely that the 9000 Series line-up will include four models – a 9600, 9700, 9800 and flagship 9900.

Some commentators had (quite some time ago) suggested that the company might opt for a twin-engine configuration for its new larger machines. It is now believed that even the most powerful offerings will be single-engine harvesters.

Image source: Twitter (AgriMacFan / NOtrattorist)

We don’t yet have confirmation of exact power ratings. Will we see the 9000 Series max out at close to 1,000hp? Only time will tell.

In any case, it seems likely that the existing 8700 and 8800 models will be discontinued (as they will be replaced by the new 9000 Series machines).

However, we expect that other (current) 8000 Series harvesters (namely the 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500 and 8600) will remain in John Deere’s forager line-up.

Stay tuned to AgriLand for more details as they emerge…

Existing machines

John Deere’s existing 8000 Series foragers currently span the 380-845hp spectrum.

The first batch of 8000 Series foragers was launched four years ago; the line-up originally ran from the 380hp 8100 to the 625hp 8600.

In 2015, three further 8000 Series foragers were added to the range – the 8300 (slotting in between existing models), the 8700 and the flagship 845hp 8800. The two larger machines were powered by 19L (Cummins) engines.