Mislabelled beef products ‘removed from sale’

Beef packs which had been labelled having been slaughtered in both Ireland and the UK have been removed from sale, according to the processor in question.

In a statement, Linden Foods, based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, outlined that 336 packs were inadvertently packed with incorrect labelling information due to human error.

The products in question – Centra Lean Diced Beef 410g pack, with a useby date of September 18, 2019 – were produced from 100% Quality Assured Irish Beef, slaughtered in the Republic of Ireland in a Bord Bord Quality Assured processing facility, Lindon Foods assured.

The statement added: “This product was temporarily being packed in an approved factory in Northern Ireland.

An immediate investigation has highlighted that during a short period of production, 336 packs had been inadvertently packed with incorrect beef labelling information due to human error.

“Corrective action has been put in place with immediate effect. This product has been removed from sale,” the company’s statement concluded.

Beef ‘off the menu’ in restaurants if blockades continue

Meanwhile, earlier today, the Restaurants Association of Ireland called on farmers to lift factory blockades and allow the recent beef agreement “work itself through over the next month”.

The association warned that, if the blockade isn’t lifted soon, restaurants won’t have beef on the menu from next week.

The group said it fully supports the beef farmers and farming families during this difficult time but “feels that the blockades need to stop to allow time for all concerned parties to reflect on the deal”.