Michelin has added a new size to its range of tyres specifically tailored to fitting on self-propelled sprayers.

The Michelin SprayBib CFO VF 710/60 R46 is the first very-low-pressure flotation tyre in the Michelin SprayBib cyclical field operation (CFO) range.

Maintains stability

This latest addition to the range is 2.05m in diameter and is said to help protect the soil, provide good stability to sprayers with large-capacity tanks, and generally increase productivity.

The new tyre was developed to meet the requirements of equipment users and manufacturers. Some manufacturers have already tested prototypes of these tyres on their products with a view to approving them as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fittings.

Michelin Spraybib tyre
The Michelin Spraybib range has undergone vigorous testing to ensure its suitability for on- and off-road use.

Developed for use in the fields at even lower inflation pressures, in-house testing in France has shown that the optimised footprint of the SprayBib CFO tyre allows for up to 20% more traction than the standard Spraybib tyre.

The SprayBib CFO range increases load capacity by up to 14% when compared to a non-CFO tyre during cyclic operations in the fields, at speeds reaching up to 30km/h, and allows each axle to carry an extra 1.3t

Capacities and limits increased

The speed capacity is also increased, with the introduction of speed index E in some dimensions (up to 70km/h).

Lifespan is also said to be longer thanks to its new tread pattern, with a greater number of lugs which are wider and more robust.

According to Michelin, the new flotation dimension gives self-propelled sprayers a high level of stability – an advantage that is of particular benefit when very large capacity tanks are used, or during operations on land that is fragile or difficult to work on.

The new Michelin SprayBib CFO VF 710/60 R46 is available at Michelin dealers and will also be an OEM fitting on AGCO, CNH and John Deere machines.