An Irish exporter has begun buying bulls for Turkey. Viastar, the Meath-based exporting company, is currently actively sourcing suitable bulls for this market, AgriLand understands.

The bulls needed are of continental breeds weighing up to 350kg, but no Friesian bulls are required.

Last year, a total of 7,948 cattle (Bord Bia figures) were shipped from Ireland to Turkey. However, up to the week ending May 25, 2019, some 2,860 head of cattle have been exported to this market.

Italian market

In addition, Viastar is also sourcing weanling bulls, weighing up to 550kg, for the Italian market. The exporter requires E and U-grade Belgian Blue heifers.

So far this year, the total number of cattle – including calves – exported from Ireland to Italy stands at 19,169 head.

Other export news

Last month, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine confirmed that the Algerian authorities have agreed to move from a joint breeding, slaughter and fattening certificate to three separate certificates.

As a result, a new certificate for slaughter-weight bulls has been agreed upon between the department and Algerian ministerial authorities.

This will see the age limit of 24 months and the quarantine period removed; so there is no age limit on slaughter-weight cattle.

This is welcome news for Irish exporters as the isolation period can be costly in terms of feed and housing.

Also, under the slaughter-weight health certificate, bulls must be a minimum of 500kg at the time of loading and must have received a preventive treatment against internal and external parasites.