An Irish exporter is currently preparing a consignment of Jersey and Jersey-cross bulls destined for North Africa.

The trial order is being organised by Cork-based exporting company, Curzon Livestock. The exporter is in the market for bulls weighing between 250-400kg.

Some 300-400 bulls are required for this order and will be destined for further feeding once they reach their destination.

While this is a trial order – consisting of a relatively small number of bulls in the grand scheme of things – it could be an avenue for the Jersey bulls in the future.

Any farmers with suitable cattle can contact Curzon Livestock at: 021 489 7881.

The same exporter is also in the market for a consignment of bulls for the Libyan market. For this shipment, Friesian bulls weighing 250-350kg and 450-550kg are required.

The bulls are scheduled to set sail in early January, 2020.

North African countries have provided an outlet for Irish cattle – especially in the second half of 2019. With buyers from Algeria and Egypt visiting Ireland in recent weeks, more live exports could be on the cards.

In other export news, bulls destined for the Turkish market will be loaded in the coming days. This consignment will be loaded by Meath-based company, Viastar.

Purcell Brothers will also load a consignment of bulls for the Libyan market in the near future.