A New Zealand based animal breeding company has been going to extra lengths in recent days to make sure semen straws are being delivered on time to flood-stricken farmers in the South Island of the country.

To help ensure a smooth spring mating period for farmers, LIC has been delivering straws of semen to areas between Timaru and Ashburton.

The New Zealand farmer-owned co-operative – with a presence in Ireland – provides a range of services and solutions to dairy farms.

A spokesperson from the company explained to Rural News Group that it has airlifted around 3,300 AI straws to farmers over the past number of days.

Including this, an additional 500 semen straws have been delivered via helicopter to farms on the west coast of the country.

LIC explained that in a few cases, its AB technicians have been able to access cut-off farms via tractor.

Image source: LIC Facebook Page

LIC’s national artificial breeding manager David Hale told the publication: “LIC understands the importance of delivering semen to all farms on schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

The dairy cow cycle takes roughly between 18-24 days. If insemination doesn’t occur at the right time during that cycle, it means a three-week wait until the cow is in heat again.

“This three-week loss can have a number of negative flow-on effects for farmers, including the potential loss of three weeks’ worth of milk supply and an impact on calving periods the following year.”

Concluding, Hale added: “This is why LIC is working hard to ensure semen delivery is not impacted by the adverse weather conditions.”