A consignment of bulls is currently being sought for the Libyan market.

The exporter – Curzon Livestock – is procuring Friesian bulls weighing 250-350kg and 450-550kg.

The bulls are scheduled to set sail in early January, 2020.

Farmers with the desired breed and spec can contact the following Curzon Livestock agents:

The same exporter loaded a consignment of 3,000 bulls this week – again for the Libyan market.

The Friesian bulls (2,500) – weighing between 250kg and 350kg – were shipped via the Atlantic M livestock-carrying vessel which was loaded in Co. Cork; the continentals (500) weighed approximately 600kg.

Curzon Livestock is confident of more shipments of Irish cattle to Libya throughout 2020.

Other export news

In addition, another exporter – Purcell Brothers – will send a consignment to the same country in the near future.

Furthermore, another livestock-carrying vessel is currently on route to Ireland to load a consignment of bulls.

Viastar – the Meath-based exporting company – has the consignment in quarantine destined for Turkish shores in the weeks ahead.

And, to finish what is a busy period on the live export front, a consignment of 250 Angus-cross weanling bulls – sourced in Ireland – arrived in Algeria recently.

Last week, livestock buyers from Algeria and Egypt were hosted by Bord Bia. The buyers were in Ireland on a three-day business trip visiting farms and export assembly centres across the country.

The visit comes following the revision of health certificates for the export of Irish cattle to Algeria, and the subsequent export of 250 Irish bulls to the Algerian market.

The buyers included representatives from seven Algerian livestock companies and three Egyptian companies with a combined purchase requirement of over 110,000 head of cattle per year.

Algeria is being tipped as a potentially valuable new market for Irish livestock, since a new veterinary protocol was recently agreed between the Irish Department of Agriculture and its Algerian counterparts.